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App development has become a real business nowadays. Thousands of diverse mobile applications of different types are being released every day from around the globe. Mobile applications can be grouped into different categories such as entertainment, social networking, productivity, search, personal care, music, shopping, education etc. The list does not end here. It goes on and on. Research shows that millions of mobile applications are getting downloaded daily from different App Stores.


The most popular mobile application category:


Studies show that 93% of mobile application users are ready to spend for downloading mobile games. It is also found that an average mobile gamer spends an average of 7.8 hours per month. Second comes social networking applications with 87% users. Applications for news, entertainment, banking, shopping etc are in the following positions. Some of the most downloaded mobile applications are Google Maps, YouTube, Facebook app, Skype, WhatsApp Messenger, TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader, Angry Birds, Twitter and Minecraft.


  • Travel related applications have become popular as these can help you with journey planning. The most popular has been Google Map application. Recently, Apple has developed its own map application for iOS platform. Facebook app is a social networking application which allows you to get in touch with your friends easily and quickly.
  • You can share status, photos and videos and also view what your friends do. You can send messages, chat with your friends and also play games with them. In short, you can use Facebook mobile application to do anything and everything on Facebook on your computer.
  • WhatsApp is a cross platform messaging application for smart phones. It substitutes traditional messaging system because you send messages using Internet. In addition to basic messaging, WhatsApp allows users to send images, videos and audios. This mobile application is available for Android, BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • Minecraft and Angry Birds are two very popular games. Minecraft is a very adventurous game and there are different kinds of Angry Birds game.
  • If you wish to search and download YouTube videos easily and quickly, then you should be ready with TubeMate YouTube Video Downloader. This app is available for different resolutions such as 1920*1080, 1280*720, 640*360 etc.

An application will become popular as long as there is real need for it within customer base. This may be in field of social media, mobile commerce, travel or gaming. Another important point is to ensure the application is simple to use and widely available on Iphone, Android or Windows platform.